Saturday, September 5, 2009

Twit What?

Okay my friends...I've signed up for what? I'm feeling very overwhelmed and kind of behind the times here. What's your best advice for me in using twitter?

My goal in signing up for twitter is to promote my blogs...but I don't know what to do now that I've signed up! Help a "living under a rock" friend out and guide me a little! THANKS!


  1. I just signed up for Twitter as well and I'm in the same what?? :) What's your link? I'll follow you.

  2. Dear Lord this is's

  3. OH MY I am not alone!! I too would love to know more about twitter, all the in's, out's, how to's, why? I haven't signed up yet because I am twitter dumb.(I don't even know how to sign up, but I haven't really looked into it.) I hope someone shares with you so you can share with me and the rest of us.

  4. I signed up for Twitter a month or so back and I still don't get it. I hope we can all learn together. I don't even know how to put the "follow me on twitter" button on my blog! I will try to follow you if I can.

  5. So happy to have you as a new follower of Tout-Est-Des-Roses---your avatar makes me squee with joy (everyone should have a cupcake smiley face).

    I can't wait to follow along on your cake decorating blog, as I bake myself AND am an amateur decorator:)

    Can't wait to get to know you ma'am!

    <3 sarasophia

  6. I agree! I signed up for Twitter a little while ago but I don't really get it... but I'm sort of satisfied with not getting it. I don't understand why I would message someone that way instead of just using email. But whatever!

    Following you from MBC...

  7. Well my friends, I haven't gotten any great information, but what I did do is sign up for twitterfeed and everytime I put up a new post on my blog, it automatically feeds it to twitter! Kinda cool. Not really sure how I did it, but it's If I learn more I'll update you!