Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Max!

This is a phrase that's heard in my house frequently! Oh Max! What now?

My Max is very particular about how he likes his hair. When it's a little longer, he can be found in the bathroom styling it with water and a comb. Don't dare touch it once it's done! On occasion he likes to have his hair buzzed. At the beginning of the summer we started talking about buzzing his hair because it would be much cooler. Little did I know, it would be chilly and rainy for 2 months straight! After much debate back and forth, he agreed, but wanted a mohawk. Cool. I'm okay with that! Fits Max's personality to a T! So I got out the buzzer and gave him a signature Mr.T. The next day at swimming lessons I heard his teachers comment to him "cool mohawk Max!" and he smiled.

After a few weeks, he decided he'd had enough and wanted it cut off. Out came the buzzer again and off came the mohawk. Apparently I hadn't gotten the front all even because he came out of our bathroom declaring that he had "fixed" it. This is the result. Nice! Perfect! Now you get to be bald because that's about how short I had to cut it to get rid of the lines!

Oh Max!

P.S. Yep, he had a nosebleed.....


I don't know why I have to be one of those people who loves food sooo much. I don't know why I have to be one of those people who hates exercise sooo much. But I do know that's the very reason I struggle with my weight.

I hate the anticipation of my morning workout. I do not look forward to it at all! It's not fun and I don't like being sweaty but I do have to say that I feel fantastic afterwards. Mentally, I feel like I've accomplished something on the road to my ultimate goal, 40 pounds.

I'm good for about the first half hour and then I start feeling like I'd rather stick needles in my ears than to finish. I think it's bogus for people to think that 20 minutes 3 times a day is good enough! Not with my diet anyway. I mean, I'm not a total hog, but I do like my food! So I try to exercise with my Jillian Michaels on the Wii for 45 minutes to an hour at least 4 days a week. I give myself the weekends off for a break. Well, also because I need not exercise in front of my husband and get mad as he mocks me. He doesn't do it maliciously, I just take it that way because I hate the exercising so much. I also try to get over to the fairgrounds so the boys can ride their bikes and I push Luke in his stroller up and down the hills.

I confess, I love a good sloppy burger! Bacon, cheese, onion strings, barbecue sauce...yummmmm! Or those Dock Side burgers from Cheeseburger in Paradise? die for! Fried onions, mushrooms and Swiss cheese? And yes, I even like McDonald's' cheeseburgers. Salty french fries...brownies...chocolate...doritos...shall I go on? Am I making you hungry? Can you tell I'm hungry? Ah, and this is the reason I need the exercise I'm doing, at the very least.

Onward I go...2 pounds down...38 to go.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Loving the love flowing!

I get email updates and prayer requests from my church regularly. This is something that's important to me because on a couple of occasions I have requested prayer for one reason or another myself. God wants us to pray. And He listens.

Earlier in the week I had received an email about a local family whose house burnt down. It came from a friend from Church, PJ, who headed this donation drive. God bless her and what a blessing she has been. They lost everything including their car in the driveway and their beloved family pets. It especially hits home for me because they too have three children. They have 2 girls ages 8 and 4 and a boy age 5. I cannot fathom this happening to my family. I cannot imagine the years of memories packed away in photos, in family heirlooms passed from generation to generation, in every room, with every turn.....gone. Gone. No bed to sleep in. No toys to play with. No way to cook a meal. All of those things you've worked a lifetime to get...gone. Gone.

He struggled to get his dogs out, the dad, but wasn't successful. If you're a pet owner, you know that your pets are a part of your family. When you lose them it's like losing a loved one. Added to a family's normal love for their pets, these people work at the SPCA and are passionate about animals.

Living in a one room tiny hotel, a family struggles to be humble and accept donations from strangers, feeling like beggars. I can see the shock in mom's eyes as she jokes about not having to take care of her family's recyclables. And I watch the joy in the children's eyes as I hand them my children's old toys, backpacks, clothes. It matters not that they've been used and abused by children before them. We move out of the way as they scoot back and forth in front of their makeshift home. A small distraction from the horrible tragedy that they grapple with.

I feel God calling me to help this family in every way I possibly can. An overwhelming calling. I've gathered old books, a couple of backpacks, loads of food, toiletries and laundry items, scooters, and my boys even gave away their old Nintendo game cube and a few games. I was very proud of them. I cleared out my closed of the clothes I no longer fit in or needed. I also cleaned out my middle son's closet for their boy. And I baked them a batch of cupcakes. It's the least I can do for a family who has nothing. I will continue my efforts as I think people tend to step up in the beginning and slowly forget what an awful thing they've been through.

I'm not writing about what I've done for them to look for a so-called pat on the back, I'm writing about it because I want to show you how God is working and about paying it forward. As I stood in the parking lot in front of their room, I got teary eyed as I assured the family that even though it's hard for them to accept these gifts, we wouldn't be doing it or offering if we didn't want to help. I gave them my phone number and told them to please call me if there was anything at all that they needed...a meal, a ride, anything. And I meant it. Their misfortune ends up being a blessing to those of us who feel the calling to help.

I have been blessed in my life by different people at different times. Weather it was a meal when I didn't have money to buy groceries, a vacation when we couldn't afford it, school clothes and supplies for my kids. PJ is also my dog/house sitter and this summer offered to come for payment of a couple of batches of cookies so we could go away. There wouldn't have been a vacation if not for her generosity. The past two years I have been the recipient of a scholarship for a women's retreat in Pennsylvania because I didn't have the money to pay for it. What a blessing the Women's Worship Weekend has been for me! There have been so many times over the past year that people have blessed my life at the perfect time and now it's my turn to pay it forward. The love of Jesus working through my life to theirs. Praise God!

Last night PJ popped up on Facebook to chat with me and the phrase that sticks in my head from her is "loving the love flowing!". Agreed, PJ.

If you've been it forward!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My little bike rider

We live on a road whose speed limit is 55 and are at the end of a long straight stretch so needless to say, people fly on our road. There's no way, on God's green earth, that I'm letting my kids ride their bikes here at home, people just aren't careful enough, they're too much into their own worlds, going way too fast. Everyone is always in such a hurry these days! So they learned at a much older age to ride than most kids do I guess. I don't know why it never occured to me to take them to the fairground to practice. Last week Max was determined to learn!

Like the country song, I am the queen of our double wide trailer...when we bought our land it had an old single wide on it that we made due in for 5 years. Underneath it was a concrete slab. When we got our new one, we put it the opposite way on the land and so part of the old slab juts out from the front of the house. Not necessarily the best looking thing, but it is quite convenient actually! It's where the boys use sidewalk chalk, paint and play basketball. It's where mom (me) knows she's safe from lurking snakes. It's also where the boys learned to ride, in circles.

Last week Max amazed us all when he just started riding out of nowhere! A friend suggested I load the bike into the car and take him to the local fairgrounds where they have paved roads all around with very minimal traffic. This week, we did just that! We have one car and it's little. We drive a Scion Xb. If you've ever seen the trunk of one of those, it's pretty much non-existant! We're lucky to get one bike in. Zach's bike is busted from an accident he had earlier in the summer, so he brought his Razor scooter and we left the baby home with dad. Max was crazy on his bike! He would push it to the top of a hill and glide down. If he wobbles, he recovers surprisingly fast. He's an old pro in just a short week!

It's also great to get him on his bike because he's a video game freak and active he is not! We had him play AYSO soccer last year for the first time and he sort of stood in the middle of the field laughing and cheering on his teammates. It really was comical! T-ball was a different story..he actually loved playing that. Perfect sport for him though, minimal running! So we're happy to get our chubster moving, my 74 pound, 4ft. 2in., 6 year old! So everyone is getting into this active mode, thankfully. We all could stand to lose some pounds.

I'm already anticipating Max's first question of the day..."Mom, can we go to the fairground?" and we'll go.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I weigh WHAT???????

I realize I've had 3 kids, but come on! How the hell did I get to be 1?9 pounds?! It's certainly not the KFC in my fridge or the cheez-its in the pantry, right? And it has nothing to do with me sitting on the computer half the day, right? Or the middle of the night get-up-to-pee-eat-a-brownie-and-have-a-big-glass-0f-milk attacks? DEAR LORD! Someone get me moving!

I've always struggled with my weight. Even in high school I was the biggest girl in our little clique. Still am! I come from a family of big girls, mostly. Then there's my sister who's a size 6. I'm not jealous of her though, she works very hard to stay that little. She deserves to be thin.

I also married into a family of eaters. I'm blown away watching my father in law pack away 6 hot dogs, and several sides only to eat again a couple of short hours later. And what's sad is that my husband who eats less is more overweight. I guess it's his lack of movement that does it for him.

I'm happy to say though that I've motivated myself enough to start exercising. Our family has a Wii that my boys enjoy all too often. I have several exercising "games" and my new favorite one is Jillian Michaels. I set it for 1 hour at medium intensity and in front of the air conditioner I get my body moving. Last night I took the boys to ride their bikes at the fairground and I walked, so 2 times yesterday I exercised. Then I sat down last night in front of the television to watch a marathon of Ice Road Truckers on the DVR and sabotaged my efforts with stupid Cheez-its!! Ugh, will it never end? The cravings? The laziness?

Maybe I'll get there...40 pounds to go.