Saturday, September 5, 2009

Choose Your Battles

I love this phrase and remind myself of it daily as I raise 3 little boys and 1 very big boy. Fighting battles like putting the toilet seat down, even if there are more of them than me and getting the pee INTO the toilet and not spraying it onto every surface of the bathroom. The battle I've given up on is keeping their bathroom fresh smelling and I've decided that with 3 boys all 5 years apart, it's bound to reek for the next 17 years weather I like it or not. That or make them sit like girls to pee (which I threaten to do on a regular basis.) Like taking drinking glasses out of their bedrooms BEFORE the milk curdles and then finally dries out and you can't figure out why your room smells like vomit and foot funk. I know, ewww! Comes with the territory I suppose.

And I'm wondering why, when the garbage can is in the cupboard under the sink, do they put it IN THE SINK? Or when all of the spoons are dirty (all 3...they've lost the other 5) do they have to use my plastic ones I keep for cookouts and such instead of washing one. Or they get a drink and not only leave the container out, but don't clean up the sticky juice they spilled on the counter that's now dripped onto the floor and between the counter and the stove? Perfect to attract those colonies of ants I'm battling to get rid of.

I wonder why my hubby always leaves the car without gas, leaves his dirty socks under the end table and candy wrappers on the couch. Why he thinks he's done a thorough job cleaning his whiskers OUT of the sink and completely ignores the ones stuck to the faucet and all surrounding areas. Why HE has to use the toilet right after I've cleaned it. Again, I know...ewww. But come on, I can't be the only one!

Some things I guess are never-ending battles.


  1. I live in a male-dominant household as well although my boys are still young. It remains to be seen what type of battles I'll have to endure later on. Does it help to try to train them early to be less messy or is this Y-chromosome related?

  2. Whew! Sounds exhausting! Glad I had girls. ( they weren't messy). But, now I have a grandson and am experiencing a whole different kinds of animal. Busy, busy, busy!!!

  3. My MIL has often made the comment to me that "I didn't raise him that way", speaking of her son. Well my husband sounds about the same as yours. I bet you hear that comment from your MIL. But you know she didn't raise him that way. Lets face it Aunt P is much like my mother anal neat freaks. It sounds like if we raise our boys to be clean and neat. They will ultimately end up slobs. Maybe it's not worth the effort.

  4. Breanna...P ALWAYS says that! Hmm...should we believe them? LOL I guess we'll see someday when our boys grow up. They're neat freaks and maybe that's the reason they're lazy! Maybe the mil's did everything for them?!
    Alyssa...I've been training them since they were very little. I think it's a boy/personality thing.