Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My car during the heaviest part of the storm.

Our clothesline in our back yard.

My car the day after.

Across the street from my house.
We got a total of 14 1/2 inches for this round. We have another 10-20 inches on its way tonight and tomorrow. I love it! As long as we don't have to go gets closed, the kids AND the hubby get to stay home and I don't work so we get to stay home and enjoy the beauty of winter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Max and SPD

We've always known there was something about Max. We just couldn't put our finger on what it was. Since he was 3 or 4 we've had a hard time with him. He doesn't listen, doesn't follow directions, and recently has become quite aggressive.

His second day of first grade, his teacher noticed. She noticed that he fidgets a lot. I told her that we've always known there was something, we just couldn't put our finger on it or explain exactly what it was. She then allowed Max to use a squishy ball to fidget with to help him concentrate. That prompted me to do some research on the internet to find out what conditions would use that type of therapy. Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Dysfunction. It was like a lightbulb popping up in my head! Someone was describing Max to a tee! '

The next time I spoke to his teacher, I mentioned SPD to her. Our next step was to contact the Occupational Therapist at school and fill out questionnaires. The therapist observed Max in class on several occasions.

I was right. She called and explained his condition. I was so thankful to have answers but now what? I knew what she was telling me made sense but what do we do now?

He sees the occupational therapist weekly in school and his teacher (who we love, btw) is working with him to help him through his day. They allowed him to take a quick walk around the hallway, wear earplugs, move his desk when he felt distracted and some other comforting things that seemed to help. Until this week.

He was doing well for quite some time. This week, I got a call saying that his behavior was taking a turn for the worse. I feel really bad for his teacher because she has 18 students to deal with and I know how hard Max can be at times. I also feel horrible for Max because if we can't get this under control, he's gonna become a social outcast. He's become quite aggressive lately and doesn't understand the consequences of his actions. He outright lies. He does extremely well academically right now but I'm worried that eventually his disorder will get in the way of progress. And because of his inability to follow directions it'll be very hard for him to be a part of a sports team or learn an instrument.

So for now I'll continue my research, possibly seek out a good neurologist and PRAY! My poor Max. We'll get there.

For more info on Sensory Processing Disorders click HERE and HERE. It's easier for me to include links than to explain the entire disorder.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pool? Not this year.

It's tax return time and that nice large chunk of change should be deposited into my bank account this Friday. Fingers crossed. We had originally planned on buying the kids a "real" above ground pool this year and next year's return would build a nice big deck from the house to the pool. I've dreamed about it and stood on the little back porch imagining and planning. I say real pool because we have an easy set pool that comes down every year. While it does the job, it's a pain and frankly, not big enough.

This was the plan. 'Til yesterday. I took my oldest, Zachary to the orthodontist. I was imagining about $2000 out of pocket and $1000 being paid by our insurance. Boy was I in for an awaking.

Let me start by saying that as a child, braces were available to me at, I believe, no charge because of insurance. I don't ever remember expressing that I would like to have them, but my teeth are far from straight. I've spent my entire life covering my mouth when I laugh and pictures that showed teeth? GARBAGE! So, as an adult, if I had the money, I'd have braces. I feel very strongly about braces and sometimes feel robbed!

After the panoramic x-ray and a quick exam by the orthodontist, the Dr.'s assistant went over the charges. (Cue dreams of my pool crashing to the ground)....$6000. That's SIX. Seriously? Is it April fools? Am I on some sort of hidden camera show? His teeth aren't even crooked! He's just got a major overbite. I guess that's more expensive. Full braces and headgear at night, then this spring thingy called a Forsus that helps pull the top jaw back and bottom jaw forward. Well, whaddaya gonna do? The kids gonna get braces.

Bye, bye pool........