Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I cannot even tell you how much I -heart- dialup....*blink*blink*. No, really! Nothing makes me happier than to wait a full 20 minutes, yep...TWENTY minutes to upload a picture *sideways smile* to blogger and facebook! If I'm having a really lucky day, my laptop will overheat and shutdown with no prior notice *double thumbs up*. Or one of the kids OR dogs will trip over the phone cord leading to said laptop and pull it out! Joy! Joy I tell you!

Youtube? Pff....what's that? Seriously! It's fabulous to be able to watch half second clips of any given video so a 2 minute video takes about 4 minutes.

On the phone with tech support.....them"Okay Mrs. ***, if you'll just log onto the internet, we'll talk you through it" "hmmm.....well? I'd LOVE to but you see, I live on this street, it's only a half mile from houses with high speed...I'm not the only one on the road otherwise I'd understand. There are 11 houses within that half mile. ELEVEN. So sorry Mr. Techy Guy, you won't be talking me through anything." NICE.

So I think my property taxes should be lowered for being in a less desirable area, afterall, high speed internet is almost a necessity these days, right? Pff...


  1. I really hate it when I have issues with internet connection... too much stress.

    I just started following your blog..from mbc follow club. i hope you can follow mine too. :)

  2. sorry you're having issues, but you know i enjoyed all the pffs & sideways smiles. lol
    at least you have an outlet to express your frustration on here - unless the dial-up screws it up anyway. ;-)

  3. Ohh...when I had dial-up I always gave up after a few minutes. I eventually just never got online. High speed was like finally being part of the "in" crowd... :)

    I feel for you! :)

  4. Oh my goodness that would drive me batty! I complain to my computer when it takes 10 seconds...I'm going to have to apologize to it now because evidently, it is doing waaaay good - in comparison to yours, but so would 98% of all other computers...LOL

    So sorry! Someone needs to do some CPR on your computer!!!! Have you tried defrag or is it all just the service?