Saturday, March 6, 2010

UGH, so sick!

My husband works at a school (germ city), the same school that my 2 older boys go to. He came home Thursday from work complaining of a sore throat. By 7pm he was down and out on the couch with the shakes and a fever. He only got about an hour's worth of sleep all night. He went to work the next day much to my dismay. By noonish he was home and having his mother take him to urgent care. $45.00 later he was home toting his giant horse pills. I never understood that! You have strep throat, can barely swallow your own spit and they expect you to take these giant pills the size of a small child!

Yesterday I knew I was getting it. Midday I started feeling my glands swelling and by 8ish that night I took my turn on the couch. What a horrific night! I haven't been that sick in a long time. Fever, sore throat, swollen glands, bad bad headache, chills, body aches, name it I had it. I barely slept. One thing I do often when I have body aches and can't seem to get warm is to let the hot shower beat on me. I did that 3 times last night. Then I'd get into bed and cover up with my 2 comforters (on top of my flannel pj's) and wake up in a cold sweat. It was miserable.
Today I went to urgent care myself. I was hoping I could just go in and tell the doc that my husband had been in the day before and he wouldn't do a throat culture and charge me an extra 20 bucks. No such luck. He said to me after looking at my throat that he was giving me an antibiotic either way. So why do the culture? I don't get it.
I just have to say that WITH health insurance if we all get this that co-pays and antibiotics for 5 of us would be $225! OH DEAR LORD! Please God, don't let the kids get it. Not only do I not want them to feel this way, that's a LOT of money! How ridiculous is that?
Oh well, I'm going to shower and lay in bed.


  1. Hope your family is feeling better! Following you from MBC. Check me out if you ever get a chance!

  2. Yuck! We're just getting over it here too. Hope you feel better soon. (And yes, I'm also following from MBC) :)

  3. Get well soon!
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  4. I work in the germ pool as well, and I can tell you that even with two giant containers of hand sanitizer strategically placed in my classroom, I still manage to get at least one of the many germs that pass through there! I hope everyone is better soon.

  5. Erg - I have two little boys in pre-school, so I know from germs. Sorry you're suffering. But your blog is super cute :).

    Peryl (From FFF MBC, I'm here: - the login is an old blog; haven't quite figured that one out yet!)

  6. Oh, also surrounded by boys - I feel your joy and pain!