Monday, May 31, 2010

Orginazational Genius, I'm NOT

I'm desperate to be more organized and I don't even know where to start.  We've got so  many things in this house that just don't have a proper place.  In every room!  We've got the junk collector in my bedroom, aka my giant desk.  In the kitchen, it's a large junk bowl.  The living room, it's the bottom shelf of the end table.  The dogs room/laundry room it's the large filing cabinet.  I could go on and on.  I need help and I need it FREE!  Who has tips for me?  I don't know where to start!


  1. My thought is leave it! I have the same affliction, lol. BUT I do know where everything is! AND it's right in my face so I can't forget to pay a bill or something, lol.

  2. thats a tough one, especially with messy boys around keeping everything cluttered. My suggestion would be to use storage baskets. They are so great for eliminating the look of the clutter because its more hidden. you can get them right at walmart, put them under you coffee table and keep you junk in there and no one with know there's anything in there. Also, eliminate junk. I go through my kids toys and clothes constantly to get rid of stuff you really dont need or use. If you pay attention to what toys and clothes they are wearing and using, you can get rid of the rest and give it to good will. That always helps. Getting rid of papers and magazines is a big space saver. Thats just some of the things that I have tried and have seemed to help me. We live in a house with no closets cause its an old house, so shelves and storage units make a huge difference.

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    I just love your blog title. I am the mother of three boys as well 7, 4 and 10 months, and I am constantly struggling with the clutter. I have tried so many solutions, but they never worked permanently.

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  4. There are some great sites/things out there. shows lots of ideas and gives tips for stuff.

    On itunes you can download podcasts for FREE and there is a pair of women who have a show called Vicky and Jen. And they have a professional organizer on their show it's the Big O series.

    And my biggest tip is PURGE. Of course easier said then done. lol I'm always purging something. In fact today it's my garden shed its got lots of extra pots tools and stuff. I've emptied it, now I'm putting back whatI want and figuring out what to do with the rest.

  5. Oh I feel your pain! I am going through the same thing as we speak...or type...whatever
    Great Blog!

    I'm following you from MBC:)