Friday, May 22, 2009

Al's Big Buys 5/17-5/20-5/21

This week I made 3 trips to SR, so far. I may end up making a 4th. Some weeks I have so many coupons to use I couldn't possibly do it all in one trip. I try to split my trips up between Liberty and Monticello for 2 reasons. One being that if something is on a really good sale and runs out in one store, I check the other. The second reason is that Monticello has a wider variety of items than Liberty and sometimes I can't find certain items in Liberty. I prefer Liberty. I'm there so often that some of the cashiers and managers know my name and I've NEVER introduced myself...strange. I also think when someone comes through with $100 worth of coupons on a regular basis they tend to be a little more memorable!

Yesterday I met my sister in Liberty to shop. I'm "training" her to coupon like me. So when she checked out, she did so about 20 minutes before me. I checked out on the isle next to the one she did with a really nice guy named Aaron. The cashier that checked her out (a kid named Corey) turned to me and said "do you have a sister?" so obviously I said I did. He said "yeah, she was just here and she warned us that you were here too. She said you were teaching her to coupon like you." I love the reaction from the cashier when they realize how much money I've saved. Until they got to know me, they would always ask "WHERE did you get all these coupons?!"

On to my savings for this week (so far).

I've learned to look for certain cashiers because they NEVER check the dates on my coupons. Actually in the 6 months or so I've been heavy duty couponing, only 1 cashier has checked dates. My sister used coupons for granola bars yesterday that expired in March! That said, my Powerade, Ball Park, Sense & Spray and Finish (Electrasol) coupons were ALL expired.

This is what I got.
40 Powerades normally $1.00, on sale for .79 cents minus .75 (doubled to $1.50) off 2 for a total of .14 cents each. EXPIRED on 5/17.
13 Wet Ones canisters on sale for $1.24 minus my coupons for .75 off doubled to $1.50 ending up being FREE!

11 Kraft BBQ sauce normally $1.19 on sale for .89 cents. Using my .75 cent coupon, they actually doubled to the full $1.19 off on 8 and doubled to $1.50 off of 3! Then for the first 2 sets the computer spit out a $2.00 coupon off your next shopping order. My Kraft BBQ sauce MADE me $8.23!!! Makes up for paying too much for the coupons which I paid $3.00 for (really paid $6.00 for 22, but shared half with my sister, so my half cost me $3).

2 snack size packs of Twix and 2 packs of Milky Way. They were on sale for $1.25 each and I had 2 coupons that I'm noticing now didn't get put in right. They were supposed to be BOGO, so my cashier should have taken off $1.25 2 times, but ended up taking off .69 cents 2 times...? So, they should have cost me $2.50 for 4.

2 Marcal TP, yes, more TP...99 cents for each ended up being free with my coupons.
2 Barilla Mini Wheel pasta on sale for $1.25 each minus my $1.00 off 2 for a total of $1.50 for 2.
12 Renuzit Air Fresheners (my boys have decided it's really cool to have them in their rooms...don't know why???). They cost $1.00 each and I had 2 coupons for $1.00 off 6. I ended up paying $10.00 for 12.
7 more Luigi's Italian Ice still on sale for $1.99 minus my .75 off coupons doubled to $1.50 for a total of .49 cents each.
2 Ball Park hot dogs on sale for $1.49 each minus my $1.00 off 2 for a total of $1.00 each. I also have more coupons coming for more hot dogs. I'm planning on stocking up now for Max's birthday party. $1.00 per package for MY favorite hot dogs is CHEAP!! (Expired coupons!)

3 Edge shaving gel priced $2.49 minus my .75 cent coupons doubled to $1.50 for a total of .99 cents each.

2 Snyder pretzel pieces on sale for $2/5 minus my $1.00 off coupon for a total of 2/$4.
3 Tabasco sauce (which I do NOT slowly finding homes for the 5 I have from last week and this week) on sale for .99 cents minus my $1.00 off coupons, and yes, they took the full $1.00 off so they paid me .03 cents to take their Tabasco.
7 Tyson Chicken nuggets/patties on sale for $2.49 minus my coupon that doubled to $1.10 off for a total of $1.39 each.
6 Finish (formerly Electrasol) dishwasher packs priced $2.99 minus my EXPIRED coupons for $2.50 off for a total of .49 cents each.

4 B & M baked beans (the large cans) on sale for 4/$5 minus my $1.00 off coupon for a total of 4/$4.

20 Propel fitness water on sale for $1.00 each. My .50 cent coupons doubled to $1.00 off making them FREE accept for tax which was .04 cents each!

3 El Monterey Tornados on sale for $1.99 minus my $1.00 off coupons for a total of .99 cents each. Plus attached to the packages are forms that allow you to send in your register receipt to receive $5.00 worth of coupons or a refund up to $3.00 if you're not happy with the product.

3 Ritz and 3 Wheat Thins each $2.50. I had coupons for buy 1 Ritz and get 1 Wheat thins free PLUS 2 $1.00 off ritz coupons. I ended up paying $5.50 for 6 boxes of crackers.
1 Sense & Spray starter kit regularly $8.99 on sale for $6.99 minus my $4.00 off coupon making it $2.99. I also had a coupon for 1 free refill when you buy 1 starter kit. So that was priced $3.99 and I got it for free. Total of $10.98 for $2.99.
I also got 12 packages of Borden singles which I didn't have coupons for, but was worth mentioning because they're on sale for .99 cents each.
The cost of my coupons this week was $13.57. My baked good sales on Ebay pay for all my coupons! My total for this week was $367.37 for $205.43 plus my coupons =$190.00 for a total savings of $148.37!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Al's Big Buys part 2

This week's trip to SR was quite uneventful compared to last week with crazy Ms. Manners. I was able to go by myself this time, I love when that happens. I can concentrate better when I'm alone and not on a schedule. So no fun stories, just the deals.

A couple of months back SR had Birds Eye veggies on sale 5 for $5 and I was able to get coupons on Ebay for $1 off 1. She sold them in lots of 10 for $1.99 each. I got 30 of them then and also got a rain check and ordered more coupons. I didn't have room in my freezer for 50 at the time, so I held onto them until I did have room. So tonight, I got 20 Birds Eye veggies for free in store and ended up costing me .19 cents each...just the price of the coupons. And they were expired

The next deal was Bar S hot dogs on sale for 2 for $2 and with my $1.00 off coupon, they ended up being .50 cents each.

I had also purchased Softsoap hand soap coupons a couple of weeks back for .10 cents each. This week they were on sale for $1.19 minus my coupon for .35 cents that doubled to .70 cents making them .59 cents each with the cost of the coupons. I got 12.

I got 2 Tabasco sauce on sale for .99 cents and with my coupon for .50 cents off doubled to .99, they were free. I didn't buy these coupons. They were actually free. On my way back from Kingston one day with my sister, we stopped at Stewarts and noticed piles of Sunday papers bundled up in front. My sister asked about them and was told we could pull the coupons out as long as we kept them bundled! Bonus!!
French's regular yellow mustard was I believe $1.49. I had 2 coupons, one for .75 cents off and one for .50 cents off. I ended up getting one free and one for .49 cents. I also got one honey mustard for free.
Turkey Hill iced tea half gallons were on sale for $1.66 and I had a coupon for $1.00 off 2. They ended up costing $2.32.
I have been holding onto this Pepperidge Farm Vitality bread coupon forever and finally got to use it tonight. I got one loaf of Oats and Barley bread (not pictured) on sale for $2.50 minus $1.00 for my coupon making it $1.50.
I bought Luigi's Italian Ice coupons on ebay for very little..don't remember how much. I got 10 assorted flavors for .49 cents after my .75 cent off coupons.
The other night I got 6 Capri Sun Sunrise at WalMart (thanks Jenn). They charge $1.97 and I had coupons for $1.00 off each. They ended up being .97 cents each.
And last but not least...MORE tp! Yes, it's a tower of tp. I have finally used the last of my free Marcal toilet paper coupons...70 in all. When I told Cory, he said to me "'s a good thing, we were running low!" Thinks he's funny...
Until next week.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Al's Big Buys

Let me start by saying that my day began with me stepping both feet into some squidgy dog crap in my laundry room...I just love my dogs! Must be my hubby fell asleep before their midnight tie-out to relieve themselves. This really was an indication of how the rest of my day went.

So, Luke and I dropped the rest of my brood off at school and we headed to Monticello, coupons in hand. He was very good, mostly, until he decided he wanted to be carried through the store. I'm on a mission to get Spray N Wash and Bagel-fuls. Of course they don't even have 1 Spray N Wash, at least not the one I wanted. No problem, I'll get it in Liberty. We got our shopping done and went to check out. The girl got through my first, and largest order. I go to get out my debit card and surprise, debit card! Now, I don't have credit cards...not anymore anyway, so I can't pay with a credit card! My next move is of course my check book. As my luck would have it, I had given Cory the last check yesterday to pay for the boys' AYSO registration. GREAT!!! So, I ask the cashier to suspend the order so I can go to the bank and withdrawal some money. I have to load Luke into his car seat and drive to my bank, which luckily is in the same parking lot.

Back in business, cash in hand, we go back into SR and pay for the groceries. I'm thinking I've still got a couple of hours before I need to pick the boys up from school as they had a half day today. I got everything including my 22 pound plus the car seat baby into the car and sit to look at my receipt because it just seemed high to me. Thankfully, I was right! I purchased Chex Mix Bars that rang up wrong. So now I have to get Luke and the car seat back out and go into SR only to find that I only brought 2 of my 3 receipts in with me. The girl gave me my refund for the 2 I brought in and then I had to go back out to the car and bring back the third.'s done and I still have some time before I need to get the boys.
Got the boys and took them to lunch at McDonald's in Liberty so I could use the rest of my coupons that came while I was in Monticello. That all went surprisingly well, until I began backing out of my space at SR. I just shift into reverse and turn to look when I hear a very loud banging on the passenger side window!!! Have you ever??!! I wish I would have payed attention to Zach's face when she pounded right by his ear. So she says to me in a not-so-nice tone "you can't put your cart back??" I'm absolutely floored by this woman! I would NEVER even think of doing that! So anyway, I say "No, I can't, I have 3 kids in here and won't leave them" Yes, I could have and should have sent Zachary to put it back, but after the day I had already had, I was being lazy. So she's obviously annoyed as she pushes a cart toward the cart return and doesn't actually put it in. I then said to her "you didn't even put yours back!" to which she said "that's YOUR cart, I'm just pulling in. Don't you teach your kids manners?" Now, maybe it's me, but I don't really think putting my cart back has anything to do with manners. And in an un-Christian like tone I said "No, no I don't!" and I backed out.

Both the boys were like "Oh my God, she was RUDE!!!" Poor woman must have been having a worse day than me to have reacted like that.

So, anyway, here are my "big buys" for this week.

12 boxes of Chex Mix Bars regularly $3.29 each, on sale for 6/$9.99. With my coupons for .50 cents off that double to $1.00, I got them for .66 cents each and a total of $7.92

6 giant Hershey's Special Dark bars regularly $1.42 on sale for $1.17 minus coupons for $1.00 off each for a total of .17 cents each and a total of $1.02

10 boxes of Bagel-fuls regularly $2.79 on sale for $2.39 minus my coupons that doubled to $1.50 off each for a total of .89 cents each and a total of $8.90.

9 SoBe Lifewater $1.00 each minus coupons that doubled to .80 cents off each and ended up being .20 cents each and a total of $1.80.

12 Spray N Wash on sale for $1.64 each, with my coupons that doubled to $1.00 off each, ended up being .64 cents each and a total of $7.68

2 Sani-Hands for Kids (because we're visiting the Bronx Zoo this weekend) $2.99 each minus my $1.00 off each coupons for a total of $1.99 each and a total of $3.98.

Now here's the very biggest of the "big buys".......drum roll...............

40 boxes of assorted sizes Hefty One Zip baggies regularly $2.34 on sale for $1.00 minus my coupon that doubled as much as it could for .55 cents off for a total of ...drum roll......04 cents each! Yes, that's right I said .04 cents each! A total of $1.60 for 40 boxes!
I did, however, pay for most of my coupons which was a total of $8.00.
My total savings...$125.56 for $32.90 plus the cost of coupons for a grand total savings of $84.66 and I won't have to buy bags for a year or four!

And I always bring my canvas bags which also get me .05 cents each.

Yesss....I love it!
And, yes, my pantry and every cupboard looks like a mini grocery store! And I like it that way!