Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CostumeSupercenter Review!

Recently I was contacted by CostumeSupercenter to do a review of a costume of my choice.  I was super excited to have been chosen for this particular review as my 7 year old son, Max has always been a fan of dressing up.  We actually purchased extra costumes on clearance from WalMart after Halloween last year just so he could dress up throughout the year.  His costumes of choice are usually Star Wars or Ninja characters.  He followed suit with this costume and chose the Clone Trooper Leader  Rex.  CostumeSupercenter has a great selection of Star Wars Costumes!

When I told Max what the review was for, he was giddy!  He literally spent hours searching through the many, many costumes offered on Costume Supercenter.  The choices offered by this site for Halloween Costumes is wonderful!  The prices are very competitive as well.  Price is always an issue for my family and this is a site that even families like ours, on a tight budget, can afford.

Max's costume arrived in record time!  Our order was placed and before the week had ended, Max was a Clone Trooper!  My first impression of the costume was that it was very high quality, unlike many Halloween costumes that are out there.  We're so used to those cheap costumes from WalMart that this costume was a treat!
The costume came with several parts.  The 2 piece mask was the first thing Max put on.  There's something about a kid putting on that mask, that's when they truly become the character!  The mask is a heavy duty plastic and has Velcro pieces on either side to keep the mask together and on the child's head.  We've had issues with the Velcro staying together, honestly.  Max actually commented that he didn't think they were both the same size as they don't seem to fit together correctly.  I'm not sure how they could rectify this issue, maybe longer strips of Velcro or snaps would be better.
The next pieces were the costume, belt and neck piece.  I hadn't read the size guideline and ordered a large which fits an average 12-14.  I should have gotten a medium.  I'm hoping by Halloween he has a growth spurt as it's quite big on him.  He doesn't care, though, he still wears it around the house.  The costume is very detailed and true to the character.

I think I'll still have to adjust it somehow so it doesn't look ridiculous on him.  Being too big is better than too small though, now he'll be able to wear it for a long time.  I do believe it'll hold up to Max's rough-n-tumble ways as well.
Overall, we're very happy with our experience at Costume supercenter and will surly use them in the future as I don't anticipate Max growing out of his love of costumes any time soon.
If your family is in need of a great costume this Halloween or anytime for that matter, please check out Costume Supercenter.  Take advantage of limited time free shipping on all orders over $40 with the coupon code FREE40.  Now go shop!

I received this costume free of charge from Costume Supercenters in exchange for my honest review.  Opinions in this review are my own.

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  1. What a cool costume! Your Clone Trooper sure looks magnificent!

    I recently put in an order as well, and like you I went big and ordered the 12-14, especially since I read reviews that said the pilot costume ran very small. My son is turning 8 in Sept., and he is pretty tall...still we'll see.

    I would love it, if you would come visit me at Storytime Under the Stars. `