Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time just slips away!

I've been so busy lately with my cake business that time is just slipping away.  I'm grateful for the increase, seriously grateful!  I just told my friends the other day that I used to pray for God to give me just as much business as I could handle.  Then, after listening to Joyce Meyer one day on TV, I changed the way I pray about it.  She said if you are going to pray, ask big!  Don't underestimate what God can do for you.  So, I started praying for God to just flood me with business.  No joke, I've had 11 orders between last weekend and next!  Just about every day I have inquiries about orders.  God is good!

Anyway, what's been happening besides cake and icing?  Well, Max turned 7 on the 15th.  We haven't been able to celebrate with his friends yet because of the cakes.  I made him an ice cream cake and we had his dinner of choice, chili cheese dogs and macaroni and cheese.  He got a new bigger bike this year and he was very excited.

He wants to take 2 friends to the movies to celebrate.  He also got to spend 2 nights with his aunt and went to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.  He and Zach came home baked from the brutal sun, even though they said she put sunblock on them twice. 

My niece graduated from 8th grade today and I went and watched that ceremony.  It's amazing how quickly time slips away.  Tomorrow Zach will have his moving up ceremony.  He's going into 7th grade.  I can't say that I'm really looking forward to having Zach and Max home all summer......together.  All my 2 older boys do is argue and it's sooooooo aggravating!  We'll make it work I suppose.

So 2 more days left of school, then no alarm for me!  Yay!  I'll be back early next the meantime, I'll be cakin'

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