Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our 10th Annual Mother's Day Bronx Zoo Trip

Since Zachary was a year and a half we've gone to the Bronx Zoo on Mother's Day. My family and I and Cory's parents. I can remember one of our first trips, thinking how clean and beautifully kept the zoo is. So many animals and rarely did you smell them. We like to buy memberships because they're good for 1 year from the month of purchase so we get in 2 times on one membership. The membership also includes free admission to other zoo's in and around NYC. The only other one we've visited was the NY Aquarium at Coney Island.

We all have our favorites at the zoo but the monkeys are quite popular with all of us. We enjoy looking for the babies.

It's also been fun to take the same pictures and compare them from year to year. This is in the reptile house, not one of my favorites as I have a HUGE fear of snakes. We still remember Samantha, one of the largest anaconda's in captivity. We visited her each year until there was a sign posted on her exhibit saying she had passed. We talk about her every time we're there.

We also found out after the first year, after having $7.00 hot dogs for lunch, that we're better off bringing a picnic lunch. So every year I make piles of sandwiches and pack all the trimmings for them, and macaroni salad and potato salad. My Mother-In-Law brings snacks and drinks and we pull this massive wagon around toting our cooler.
This year was one of our colder visits and we were all glad to have had extra sweatshirts and a blanket for Luke. We always enjoy the days when the weather isn't wonderful because the zoo isn't as crowded. It's really special to create family traditions with my boys and I'm looking forward to next year!

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