Monday, May 31, 2010

Bittersweet Visits

Yesterday we were blessed with a visit from our former Pastor and his family.  You may remember me mentioning that our Pastor Dave had been at our church for 18 years and was leaving to go to another church over 300 miles away.  He and his family came to attend the wedding of the couple whose wedding cake I made below.  The delegates at our church voted and so he was our guest speaker yesterday at church.  It's been almost a year since they left and we're still without a full time pastor.  Each week, we have a different speaker and I have to say that I've seen our church grow and bond together.  It's been amazing!  I think it's time, though.

I often sit in church and in my head I can hear Pastor Dave speaking and I can see his little manorisms.  His Elmer Fudd impersonation and talking about the Yankees.  What a spirit filled man!  His sermons always, always were a perfect fit for what I was going through in my own life.  His message at our Christmas Cantata one year was what brought me to Christ.  He's prayed for my family and I for his.   He baptized two of my boys.   And Sherry, his wife, shared her faith story with a group of women that was just uplifting and wonderful.  We laughed and cried and felt closer to her when she finished.  Sherry and I have made a special connection through letters that I'm grateful for.  I was so sad to see him and his family go and I still miss them dearly.  Sometimes I romanticize about them coming back!

Pastor Dave stood in church on Sunday and told us how proud he was of us for sticking together and keeping the church moving along.  He also told us how he greets his new church on Sunday mornings and wonders if he's said L****** or G****.  He said his head's not there yet.  I read that as his heart's still in L******.  Maybe that's just what I wanted to hear and not actually what he meant.

Pastor Dave shared Communion with us this Sunday.  It was even more special for me as this was the first time my husband has taken Communion!  My heart raced as we walked up together.  I could feel the tears running down my face and as we approached Pastor Dave and Sherry, I said to them "This is Cory's first time taking Communion" and I could see the tears form in Sherry's eyes, too.  I heard Pastor Dave say "God bless you, Cory" and I walked back to my seat.  I don't know if Cory knew why I was crying but I was secretly celebrating my husband's choice.  I was filled with joy!  Praise GOD!

I was so happy to see Pastor and his wife and daughter and very sad to see them go again.  What a blessing they've been!

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