Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on Max and SPD

I haven't seen huge changes in Max since he began therapy at school. I haven't seen many since getting his glasses either. I did, however, get a phone call from Max's teacher (whom we adore, btw) to let us know that she has seen a difference in Max since getting his glasses. She's been such a great teacher for Max and he just loves her. I'm pleased that she's seen a difference. That's almost enough for me. Almost.

We took Max to a developmental optometrist last week for evaluation. The specialist Max's eye doctor said he didn't need. It was a quite interesting visit. Max went through a plethora of testing. I was very surprised at how poorly he did on some of them. It was testing such as reading letters across a page, reading letters down a page, finding hidden shapes, drawing shapes to see how well he could copy them and so on. The visit ended with the doctor saying that Max is having trouble with tracking. She recommends he have vision therapy. I'm thankful for a few things in this situation. The first being that we're that much closer to helping Max become a better Max. The second being that they offer a computer program for home therapy and the cost of $350 that isn't covered by insurance (nor was the visit for that matter) is probably a lot cheaper than in office therapy. The third being that my in laws are helping financially and I am truly grateful!

We'll start within the next month 5 days a week. I'm excited for what's to come!

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