Thursday, April 29, 2010

Becoming Environmentally Conscious

This past week Max had an assignment for Earth Day. He chose to make a poster about Recycling. I was surprised at how much he got into it. We should learn more from our children! Here's his creation made from magazine pictures.

He's proud of his work and the ice pops we made with reusable sticks instead of buying the store bought variety. Saves on tons of packaging!

And finally, he was so into it that he made a Macaroni and Cheese pencil holder for the refrigerator! All by himself he took the box out of the paper garbage and stuck a magnet to the back. He took this to school to use in his classroom. He couldn't wait for his teacher to see it!

I think my kids are inspiring me to be more environmentally conscious. I never really thought about it much before and I suppose I always felt one family couldn't make a difference. Then I realized it's not just one family because some day, God willing, my kids will have families of their own. If they grow up learning to care more for the environment, they too will carry it on as adults and then their kids and so on. This summer we plan on trying a solar oven. I'll continue to post our new ventures in sustainable living. Maybe my family can inspire yours!

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