Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad things come in three's, right?

The other day my husband came inside after starting his Jeep to go to work. It's an older gets him back and forth to work. He was livid! He said "WHERE'S MAX?" Uh-oh! I asked him why and he proceeded to grill Max as to how the 3 holes and the long crack got in his windshield! OMG! He should have ran away and hid under his bed at this point. All I'm seeing is dollar bills flashing before my eyes. We don't have glass coverage on the Jeep. His story was that he and his cousin did it. It was his cousins idea, he shot it once with the BB gun and his cousin hit it twice. So I texted my sister to let her know. Later on that night my nephew was calling me saying that Max was lying! "Aunt Alli, I DID NOT do it! I swear! Max is LYING!" So I put Max on the phone with him and made them talk it out. After the brief conversation he handed me the phone. I asked him who was lying and he pointed his little finger out and drew and air circle around his face. I was sooo mad! Even more mad that he lied! I immediately made Max apologize to his cousin for blaming him. Then I walked him across the street to my in=laws so he could tell them, knowing it would upset him. Next he was to call his aunt and apologize to her. We've since had several conversations about lying AND safety of his BB gun, which has been taken away indefinitely. The replacement windshield will cost around $250. So that's number 1.

Today my hubby, who I'll dub Mario for the day, drove hours away to a computer seminar for work. He didn't rest well last night as our sweet little toddler climbed out of his crib and woke us up at least a half dozen times between 11pm and 2 am. I asked him to call when he arrived safely. He did. He sounded annoyed. He got a speeding ticket! And not just any speeding ticket...he got a 75 in a 55! So not only is it a fine and points on his license (4 of them to be exact), it will also make our car insurance go up! Fines and court fees will probably be around the same, if not more than the windshield. Now if you know me by my previous posts, I don't work except for an occasional cake order. Trying to come up with $500 plus out of no where? That's about impossible! That's number 2.

Now I'll wait anxiously to see what our third setback will be.


  1. I had issues with my eldest about lying too. Hope you don't have any more setbacks too.

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  2. Oh boy...that's terrible!
    Hope all gets better!

    I have a house full of boys too..except I have 4 sons, 1 hubby and 3 male cats! Yikes!!

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    Hoping you can follow me back!!
    Take care.

  3. Crossing my fingers that the third thing is minor--very minor. I live with boys too, one grown up, two little guys and a male dog. the testosterone is deep here too.
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  4. Hi! I am now following you on GFC - janetfaye from Friday Follow!

  5. girl i hope nothing else happens.... hugs