Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Stand Up Company!

All too often you call a company with a complaint or comment and you simply get a "we're sorry for your inconvenience, ma'am." I'm in the business of calling with whatever issues I might have because frankly, it's my money! Most people don't bother and I think that's a problem. We work hard for our money and can't afford to waste it on inferior products and services. You have a problem? CALL!

That being said, I recently got 2+ cases of Stonyfield Farm Oikos Yogurt for free (sale+coupons=very happy me!). I did notice in the store that the foil lids were puffed but I honestly didn't think anything of it. The next day Luke and I each had one and I noticed they tasted a bit tangy. I called Stonyfield Farms customer service number listed on the cup just to find out if they were safe to eat. The customer service lady, Allison (I like her already..we share the same name!), was very pleasant and explained to me that it just meant the yogurt was fermented and was fine to eat but would taste "off." She also said it was a refrigeration issue and said she could send some coupons for free replacement product. She was sort of taken aback when I told her I had gotten 30 of them! She put me on hold for a brief moment and when she came back on she said I should take the product back to the store to have it replaced and they would send me some coupons anyway.

Today I got the mail and found an envelope from Stonyfield Farms. Below is what they sent me.

A very nice letter, coupons for 12 free Oikos yogurts and another packet of assorted coupons! WOW! That's fantastic! Very impressive Stonyfield!

Now you should go check out their website. They've got a program called My Stonyfield Rewards where you enter codes from products you buy and earn free products. Check it out! They also have great recipes and printable coupons. Go on over and check them out! And their Oikos yogurt is SOOO good!

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