Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Fruitful!

I've been watching lots of Joyce Meyer lately and she doesn't like the word busy so we say we've been fruitful!

It's been a "fruitful" couple of days. Thursday Max got his glasses and he looks adorable! He wasn't crazy about getting them and we're having a hard time getting him to keep them on his eyes. He's got bifocals and they positioned the bifocal part up so high that he has to wear them lower on his nose so when he looks normally he'll be looking out the right part. He's complaining that he can't read the computer with the glasses on too. I'm really wondering if they're right for him and I think we'll take him back this coming week when the hubby goes back to pick up his contacts. After the last visit with the Dr. I believe this family will be switching to a different eye Dr. The more I think about it the more I think he was out of line. On top of it all, he got picked on in school Friday. My poor boy came home crying! OOH! Those little SNOTS! Kids are so mean! His teacher did call to let us know that overall he did well with them and seemed to be more well behaved.
My boy with his new specs!

I made his appointment to see the developmental optometrist the first part of next month. His vision was the biggest red flag in his sensory profile done by the OT at school. That'll be a whole other battle since the insurance doesn't pay for these visits. I'm prepared to fight them though. Developmental problems aren't considered medical which is absolutely ridiculous to me. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing if that's another piece of the puzzle in figuring out his behavioral issues.

Friday was a half day at school for the boys. My mother in law, myself and the boys went to Chuck E. Cheese as a sort of reward for Max not giving his teachers a hard time with his glasses. The boys had fun. I left with Zach so I could take him to get his separators in for his braces. They took loads of pictures, x-rays and did molds of his teeth. That was the worst part for him. The goop they put into the metal mold sort of squirts out everywhere and has to sit for 30 seconds or so then it's taken out. When she did the top mold poor Zach gagged and gagged! She had an interesting trick to help him stop and that was to pick up his leg and move his foot in a circle. It worked! His separators looked like miniature blue rubber bands with strings attached. They wedged them in using the string for leverage then pulled the strings out. He was nervous but it ended up not being as bad as he expected. Today he's very sore and not really eating well. That's where the Tylenol comes in! His braces go on on the 29th.

Luke riding the horsey!

Today we met the hubby's sister for lunch and she took Zach and Max to her house for the night. Cory and Luke and I went car shopping! YIPEE! We have an '05 Scion XB that we have outgrown and were very anxious to get out of it. I went in knowing I needed them to take the Scion without flip flopping payments and our new payments couldn't go up. I did tons of research on the car I wanted and the car salesman knew it. It felt pretty good to feel like I was in control of the sale and not him. We were looking at the 2010 Mazda 5. It's a small mini-van that seats 6. I fell in love with it with all the research I did and I knew we could afford it, it was just a matter of weather the salesman would haggle with us or not. We test drove it...well, Cory test drove it and I sat in the middle row of seats with Luke. It was really nice! So the first deal he came back with was $25.00 over our top price per month and I flat out said NO! So he went back out and the manager came in with a lower deal of $11.00 more. I should have said NO again but I got excited and said we'll take it! I'm still happy and don't feel like we got ripped at all. We got the sport model in copper red and we pick it up on Tuesday! We're super excited!

Our new car!

Tomorrow we'll drive the hour and forty-five minutes to Cory's sisters house to get the boys. He's set to do some odds and ends around her house as she's hoping to sell within the next couple of months.

That's it...that's my fruitful weekend! Looking forward to so many things coming up I can't stand it!

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  1. Hi! I am shocked and saddend that your boy got teased by wearing glasses. Haven't kids learned by now?

    My 2 year old got glasses whenshe was 13 months old! She is a +6, but the docs now think she needs bi-focals too. The only problems is, is that she is 2 and HATES the eye doc :-(

    My 10 yr old also got glasses last year and thankfully hasn't gotten teased, lots of kids in her class have them.

    I am so happy to be following you. I am here from MBC!

    HAve a great rest of the weekend.