Friday, March 12, 2010


Yesterday Max got a notice home from school saying he needed to be examined by an optometrist. His eyes had been checked by the school nurse and found to have 20/50 vision in both eyes. Naturally, I jumped on the bandwagon and made him an appointment for the next day.

We all wear glasses/contacts in our family. Myself, my husband, our 11 year old son, both our siblings, parents, grandparents...ALL of us. It's just a given that eventually all of our children will need them. I just didn't think at 6. So we talked with Max about getting glasses in a sugar coated way.

Oh, how much more handsome you'll be!

You'll be *just* like your big brother!

YOU get to pick out whatever glasses you want!

This morning he was excited at the prospects of coming home with his new spectacles. He had already been picking out different frames when his brother got his new ones earlier in the week. (And did I mention that we have to drive an hour and fifteen minutes to get to this eye doctor?) Armed with my arsenal of distractions for Luke, we headed out the door.

Max was called in and examined. I mentioned to the Dr. that the OT at school wanted us to pursue a developmental optometrist. (You can read about why Max has to see an OT at school HERE) He looked at me dumbfounded. He asked me why he goes to an OT and I told him that Max has Sensory Processing Disorder with the worst part being with his vision. That he's being seen because of behavioral issues at school and at home. Then he asked me if Max's teacher was male or female...? Ummm....not sure why it's relevant but, a female. So he suggested that next year I ask for a male teacher that maybe the female teacher just didn't like boys! WHAT? Dear Lord. No I said, we, his parents pursued treatment for him, NOT his teacher. In fact, she rarely, rarely calls with a problem.

The next part of the conversation just flabbergasted me. He asked me what I feed Max for breakfast before he goes to school. I said I feed him something different every day...breakfast sandwiches, cereal, bagels, whatever. What kind of cereal? he asked. Uh, well we have lots of different kinds...yes, bad ones I'm sure I said as I laughed sarcastically. So he proceeds to tell me I should take all refined sugar out of his diet and he'll behave! Then points to his Gatorade and says see, refined sugar. So I said well? everythings bad for you anymore.

Seriously? Who does this guy think he is? Honestly, the more I think about it, the more aggravated I get. I suppose I should just laugh and shrug it off.

Back to Max. My poor little boy of six needs bifocals. He's nearsighted and he over corrects while reading. I could have done lined bifocals or progressives but his lenses are so little that they would have been hard to progress and I figured if he can see the line it may help him adjust to using them. I know it'll be a challenge having a six year old boy be half way responsible with glasses and now on top of it he has to learn to use bifocals and have a line across his eyes all the time. The fortunate thing is that he may not have to use bifocals forever.

After we were done with his appointment I took them to Max's new favorite place to eat, Sonic. Max ordered popcorn chicken, apple slices and a bubble gum slush (and some of my x-tra long chili cheese coney with mustard and onions (YES, I had a chili cheese coney and tater tots AND a watermelon slush..Tony Horton (P90X, the hubby and I are doing a modified version) wouldn't be impressed!..and some of Luke's corn dog..and some of my tater tots). It's a good day when you get to eat at Sonic. BTW...our closest Sonic is an hour and fifteen minutes away and that's probably a very, very good thing.

Next week we'll go pick them up and start our journey. It'll be an interesting one.

So what do you think of my Dr.?


  1. Wow!! I just picked my jaw up off the floor. I CAN NOT believe that the Dr. said those things. I can understand the sensory issues and the glasses though. My almost 3 year gets OT here at home and my 7 year old just got glasses because she is nearsighted. Amazingly enough she has done pretty well with taking care of them. I hope the same happens for your little man and he will take care of his. With my daughter she felt sick to her stomach the first few days as she was adjusting to them. I think I am still in shock about what the Dr. said to you. I cut out all red dye #40 and most of the sugar and it didn't really help my children, I can only tell a difference when they do get the stuff. LOL but still if it does not involve eye care, the Dr. should have kept his mouth shut.

  2. sounds like that dr. is
    #1. male
    #2. probably doesn't have children

  3. Everybody always has an opinion, however, most don't offer to share said opinion like this guy did. Geez!

  4. I dont believe that he is a doctor.

    Well Im following you from FFF

  5. Wow! Here you thought the difficult part to the situation might be Max's reaction to having to wear glasses... Are you otherwise happy w/ the Dr.? If there were any other red flags, personally, I'd be looking for another one. If it was just a know-it-all overstepping bounds annoyance I'd probably ignore it. Hopefully you won't be seeing him often! (But when ya do? Make the Sonic trip 1st & walk in w/ the extras. That should give you a good laugh!)