Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pool? Not this year.

It's tax return time and that nice large chunk of change should be deposited into my bank account this Friday. Fingers crossed. We had originally planned on buying the kids a "real" above ground pool this year and next year's return would build a nice big deck from the house to the pool. I've dreamed about it and stood on the little back porch imagining and planning. I say real pool because we have an easy set pool that comes down every year. While it does the job, it's a pain and frankly, not big enough.

This was the plan. 'Til yesterday. I took my oldest, Zachary to the orthodontist. I was imagining about $2000 out of pocket and $1000 being paid by our insurance. Boy was I in for an awaking.

Let me start by saying that as a child, braces were available to me at, I believe, no charge because of insurance. I don't ever remember expressing that I would like to have them, but my teeth are far from straight. I've spent my entire life covering my mouth when I laugh and pictures that showed teeth? GARBAGE! So, as an adult, if I had the money, I'd have braces. I feel very strongly about braces and sometimes feel robbed!

After the panoramic x-ray and a quick exam by the orthodontist, the Dr.'s assistant went over the charges. (Cue dreams of my pool crashing to the ground)....$6000. That's SIX. Seriously? Is it April fools? Am I on some sort of hidden camera show? His teeth aren't even crooked! He's just got a major overbite. I guess that's more expensive. Full braces and headgear at night, then this spring thingy called a Forsus that helps pull the top jaw back and bottom jaw forward. Well, whaddaya gonna do? The kids gonna get braces.

Bye, bye pool........


  1. AW!! Sorry about your pool! We have a dream as well to get an above ground pool, but alas we had two kids who needed braces, then it seemed all of our appliances decided to take turns being replaced.
    I hope someday you can get the things you need, like a pool and your braces!
    Hang in there!

  2. Good Grief, that's a lot of moola! I always wanted braces as a child, too, but my folks couldn't afford them. I'm glad both of my girls got them and have beautiful teeth. I wonder about the grandson now...of course he's only 17 mos. old. They have some time to start saving.

  3. my parents said I could either go to college or get braces! You are a good mother

  4. Definitely get him the braces. I wish I was able to get braces as a kid. My teeth are terrible. You can always get a pool another year. But his teeth are there to stay!

  5. Just happened upon your site.

    This is truly a bummer. My son's teeth are coming in, as the dental hygentiest so kindly put it, "wherever they want to," and I don't look forward to the day we visit the orthodontist.

    Pool's are probably overrated fun, right? And it would've hiked up your homeowners insurance.

  6. Yup...he's got an appt. for the first day of vacation. He's actually excited and so am I.