Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oooooh! Max has a GIRLfriend!

How quickly our little ones grow up. Some milestones are bitter sweet, knowing that soon enough, they'll be headed off to college. I had another post in mind for today as I haven't yet updated you on my savings at the grocery store from all of last year. Last night changed my mind as I really need to get this down so we don't let the memory slip away.

My middle son Max is 6 1/2. He is in 1st grade and smart as a whip. Not only academically, but the kid can come up with an excuse or story with the blink of an eye. So my husband works at their school as a LAN tech (Local Area Network...computers) and this week he's been using my car to get back and forth. The kids have been going to his office after school and playing on the computers instead of having Mom pick them up. As I was sitting here waiting for them to come home, the phone rings. I didn't recognize the number and therefore didn't answer (thank you caller ID). It was a little persons voice and I automatically said they must have the wrong number. Later when I played the message back it said "Hi Max, it's me. Call me when you get home from the bus." "It's me"?...hmmm...he must have been expecting her phone call, huh? So later after homework and while we were enjoying pork chops for dinner, I mentioned that someone had called for him and that it was a girl. He then proceeds to put his chubby little hand into the pocket of is ripped jeans and pull out a piece of paper with some random numbers and a few letters and says it's another girls phone number and he has to call her too! I laughed out loud as I read that number/letter combination. I guess that's the thing to do as a first grader as they've all been exchanging numbers.

After dinner I let him call her back. She didn't leave her number but we pulled it off the caller ID (again, thank you caller ID). I dialed and handed him the phone. He ran down the hallway and into his bedroom where I hear him say "Hi [insert girls name here], it's ME...." and Then I heard a huge sigh. I went in and he said "I forgot what to say, it was the answering machine." Awww..poor kid. I felt awful for him so I said we could call her back and I would help him with another message.

Not expecting to hear a person actually answer the phone, he was caught off guard when they did. He was so nervous that he shoved the phone into my face and whispered "somebody answered, it's her, you talk." I pushed the phone back to his ear and whispered to him "say Hi this is Max, may I please speak to [insert girls name here]." And so he did. Apparently it was her who had answered and as soon as he knew it was her his entire tone changed into sort of a babyish accent. It was the cutest thing. He was very nervous and had the beet red face to prove it. He clearly didn't know what to talk about because he just looked at me so I sort of helped him out a little. As I was leaving his room I heard him say "what room are you in?" The kid who never stops talking was at a loss for words, I guess. Then she had to go and told him she'd call him back after they were done making cupcakes.

While getting ready for bed he asked me if he could call her back because she had forgotten to call him. Unfortunately for him, it was too late. I told him not to worry, that he'd be able to see her tomorrow in school.

I'm pretty sure as an 11 year old, my oldest still hasn't gotten a phone call from a girl. Not because he's not worthy, but because he's so shy that he'd probably die before he'd hand a girl his number and ask her to call him.

Now I'm sitting here thinking to myself "Oh Dear God! I'm going to have 3 daughters-in-law someday...that'll" How time slips away. Sometimes we need wake up calls so we don't miss out on these precious moments, like first calls from little girls.

I'm glad to be back to blogging so I can catch moments like these. So much time has gone by and so many little memories with it. My boys are growing up entirely too fast...such is life.

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