Sunday, January 31, 2010

Al's Big Buys 1/24-1/30

I finished up my shopping for the week yesterday while my middle son Max was at a bowling party with his dad. Actually it was 2 parties at the same place and time. They managed to place the 2 parties at complete opposite ends of the alley giving the 2 boys who were invited to both a little exercise getting back and forth. He was one of two to walk out with 2 goodie bags and was thoroughly tired.

My quick tip this week before I get started on deals is too take coupons with specific flavors, such as Original Cheerios, and try it on other flavors or varieties of the same brand. More often than not, they will work.

So this week I got $233.98 worth of groceries for $100.25 and that's a total savings of $133.73 or 57%!

Here are my best deals for this week...

Quaker Quakes on sale for .77--I got them for free with my .75 coupon doubled up to .77 (which I had to go to customer service for b/c it didn't double at the register). I got 40 bags of assorted flavored mini rice cakes and fiber crisps (which are delicious btw!).

Johnsonville Sausage, 2 breakfast (for homemade hot pockets) and 2 turkey cheddar on sale for 2/5--I paid $1.40 each with my doubled .55 coupon and had another coupon for $1.00 off eggs with the purchase of Johnsonville sausage. I LOVE combo coupons! So for 4 sausage and 2 dozen eggs I paid $6.78.

Rayovac Batteries on sale for .77--I got them free with my $1.00 off coupon (coupon was for hearing aid batteries but worked on all types! Hence my tip for the week? Some cashiers will not allow you to do this and some will...trial and error). I got 14 packs of batteries for free!

Tony's Crispy Crust Pizza on sale for $1.00 each--I got them free with my doubled .50 coupon (expired in December...again, trial and error will tell you what stores will accept them. My store technically doesn't, but the cashiers rarely check). I got 13 pizza's free.

Hefty Trash Bags on sale for $1.24--I paid .14 with my doubled .55 coupon. I got 8 boxes of trash bags for $1.12.

Smithfield Bacon on sale for $1.77--I paid .67 with my doubled .55 coupon. I only got 4 of these because in a previous sale I got Oscar Mayer for .35 per pound! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish on sale for 3/5--I got 3 @ .56 each with a doubled .55 coupon for Pepperidge Farm Natural Baked Crackers (TIP) and 3 @ .66 each with a doubled .50 coupon for Pepperidge Farm Bread (TIP again...). I got all 6 for a total of $3.93.

Fruit2O 6 pk. flavored water on sale for 2/4--I paid .50 each with my doubled .75 coupon. I got 12 6 packs for $6.00.

Hershey's X-L candy bars on sale for 3/4--I paid .33 each with my $1.00 coupon that was for Special Dark only..I got all types including Kit Kat and Reese's (TIP). I got 12 XL candy bars for $3.96.

Nesquik single flavored milk on sale for .77--I got 15 free with my doubled .40 coupon. I had ordered another 125 coupons (yes, that's one hundred twenty five...they freeze well!) from another seller on EBay but they didn't make it for this sale. Bummer! But I can use them in the future.

Cheez-Its on sale for $1.99--I paid .99 each with my $1.00 off coupon. I will end up getting them free as I have a mail in rebate form for $10 off the purchase of 10 Sunshine or Keebler products in one purchase. Actually, they'll pay me for taking them since I paid $9.90 for 10 and will get back $10.00!

Yes, you need room to store when you stock up like I do, but if you want to save 50% plus on your grocery bills, you'll find the room! Good luck!

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  1. Nice. I always try to do the coupon thing and I get excited when I save $20! If I saved over $100 I'd be jumping around, waving my receipt in the face of poor, unsuspecting shoppers!

    Hope all is well with you!