Tuesday, September 8, 2009

King Scotty!

This is a picture of Zach (r) and Max (m) with my friends son Scott (l). Now just look at how my boys are looking at Scott....and see how Scott is eating it right up? It's so funny how the younger guys worship the ground these older kids walk on. How they think every joke is hilarious. They're the smartest, the fastest, the best dressed, the funniest. This is how my boys feel about Scott. Seriously! It's the funniest thing.

Scott came to babysit once and since then my boys haven't stopped hounding us to go out again so Scott can come over. "No MOM, you can go out, really...PLEASE! Why can't you just go?...ah, can't ya feel the love?! Max had so much fun with him that he locked the front door when his mom came to pick him up so he would have to spend the night. Ha...a five year old having a sleepover with a fifteen year old. That would have been the highlight of his summer!

My boys were the lucky recipients of some hand-me-down clothes from Scott...Max got one of the shirts and wore it for 2 days straight! I had to force him to take it off so I could wash it. The best part was when he was putting it on, he said to me "hey Mom, it even SMELLS like Scott!" HAHA! Dear Lord!

This is Max's birthday party this summer. Scott came over with his mom and brother and lets just say we ended up with a mud pit in the back yard. I let Zach have some buddies over too and just look at all of them gathered around Scott just hoping they're the one that gets chased by him with the water. Because we all know that would make THEM the cool kid too!

So Scott, in case ya didn't know, you've got a couple of fans over here, so anytime you need a little ego boost, come on over!

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