Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out of the mouths of Boys

I picked up my nephew Adam this morning because my sister had to work today. He'll be 7 in 13 days and my son is 6. The following is the conversation that was had between pick-up and my home...

Adam: This road is bumpy. Ya know, the road at God's house is GOLD!

Max: I know, someday we'll live at God's house.

Adam: You know, you can ask God for anything and He'll give it to you! He uses magic and if you want something sour, you just ask God and BAM! you have something sour!

Max: Yeah, like I would ask for an arcade. He'll use His magic and make it for me, all I have to do is ask.

Adam: A CASINO! And one for only 6 and under (after all, he hasn't turned 7 yet). But only 2 old people. One would be my dad, my dad's realllly old! He's 40!

Max: And someone from my side of the family?

Adam: Yup!

Max: Okay, Pop. Ya know, the one with the barn? Yeah, Pop.

Adam: Aunt Allie? How many hours do we have?

Me: Five buddy.

Adam: Let's see, 1 hour is 60 minutes. Two hours is 120 minutes.

Max: How many minutes do we have?

Me: We have 300 minutes. Hey Adam, how did you get to be so smart?

Max: Duh, he's got a big brain Mom!

Me: You have a really big brain right Adam?

Adam: No I don't, just have a look at my fist!

Oh dear Lord! I thought I would die of laughter! My nephew, the comedian. I seriously hope my sister is writing down these things that come out of his mouth!


  1. That is too cute!! Kids are so funny, it's amazing the way their brains work. Its such a joy to watch life through their eyes!

  2. Funny! Kids have the best conversations with each other. They definitely see things in a completely different way than us boring adults do!

  3. Out of the mouth of kids :) Following from MBC!