Saturday, September 5, 2009

Go Fish!

Zach casting with his grandmother watching

This morning my in laws took Zach and Max fishing. They picked them up at 8am and headed out. I had to send Max with a breakfast goodie bag because he wouldn't eat and well, I worry about them being hungry. So away he went with his Nesquik, a bag of grapes and some not-so-healthy snacks into their grandfathers pickup armed with all their fishing gear. I have to say it was nice and quiet here for a couple of hours with the big boys gone, Cory sleeping in and the baby napping. Mommy had plenty of time to sign up on twitter and get herself completely confused!

Max his underwear...don't know why?!

About an hour ago I heard the telltale sign that they were home...the dogs barking their fool heads off. In ran Max with a Ziploc bag containing his catch. The only Ziploc loud, dancing around, fidgeting boy was the only one who caught a fish and not only did he catch one, he caught 9! My father-in-law's face was completely animated as he retold the events that had happened at the lake. He said Max, in his underwear (haven't figured that one out yet), did this funny knee wiggling, butt shaking happy dance every time he caught a fish. At one point I guess they got a fish off the hook and it was flopping around the dock while Zach was about laying on top of it trying to catch it and it flopped itself back to the safety of the lake.

Zach watching his reflection?

Wish I could have seen it, but glad they got some time away from us and some nice bonding time with their grandparents!


  1. I love the underwear pic! I am a stepmom to 3 boys(lived with us) and then we had a another boy!! so I know your pain. :) Just recently though we had a girl!!

    Found you on MBC and am following.

  2. Hi... saw you on MBC. I'm surrounded by boys too! Except I finally got a little girl! Great blog!


  3. Great underwear picture! My son seems to lose his pants a lot as well... :) I hope it's something he outgrows...

    Isn't it great when you get some quiet time?