Thursday, September 17, 2009

The boys at the Fairground

Up til today, for the past year or so, my husband and I have been living with one vehicle. Most days it's fine, but there are times when it's incredibly inconvenient. I feel like such a mooch having to rely on other people to help us get where we need to go. My husband has this Jeep Cherokee that last spring (08) failed inspection. At the time we had no money to get it fixed so it sat and sat and sat. It was mowed around, plowed around, and sometimes used for storage. When we finally had the money, he got too "busy" (lazy) to call and set up an appointment and get it to the shop. The tires were flat, the hood was rusted shut and there was a hole in the brake line. My mother in law would joke about opening the hood and planting flowers in it. I'm sure when it finally moved out of the driveway on Monday our neighbors threw a party. So today he's going to DMV to register it and he'll finally have his baby back and I'll have a little more freedom.

So since the boys started school, this is our day: Cory gets up early because he's working 7-3 so he can coach modified soccer. His mom or dad pick him up and drop him off at work. I get the boys ready and take them to school. At 2:30 I leave to pick them up and we go to the fairground for 2 hours. Then we go back to the school and pick Cory up and go home. It's been such a pain. The baby has been missing or getting a very short afternoon nap because it falls right when I have to get the boys. I've been shoving their bikes and the stroller into my tiny car and taking them to the fairground after school. I drive a Scion Xb, you know, the little car that looks like a shoe box? Yeah, tiny. I've joked in the past that I was going to call Nike and tell them I'd advertise for them and they could paint my car to look like a Nike shoe box. The seats in the back of the car are split 1/3-2/3 and so I have to put the 1/3 part of it down to get Zach's bike in. Every time I put it in and take it out, the handle bars scrape the roof of the car. Every time I say "I am NOT doing this again" and I do anyway. It's been good, really because the boys get to ride their bikes and get out some pent up energy. Especially Max who is normally a lazy boy. It's been good for me too because I've been walking a lot. I'm sorta bummed that it's raining today because we won't be able to go.

So, now that I've gone completely away from the subject I was actually going to write are some pictures I snapped while we were there on Monday.

Max sharing his unusual find.

He fell asleep watching the front wheel turn. And yes, that's a Darth Vader sticker on his says "Who's your daddy?"...his name is Luke..get it?

Some sort of aphids the boys found under a milkweed leaf. I think they're very cool looking!

Looking for caterpillars

What a cutie!

He was trying to run away from me so he could eat the flower.

Max showing Luke his cicada nymph skeleton. He found tons of them under the Oak tree.

Cicada Skeletons

We had a nice time and I hope next time we find lots of interesting treasures!


  1. What a great idea to get outside and let everyone work off their energy. I could not imagine having only 1 car with a husband and 3 kids! Glad your hubby is getting his Jeep fixed. Great pictures, too!

  2. The aphids are cool looking, the cicadas are horrific looking, but your boys are the cutest.