Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My little bike rider

We live on a road whose speed limit is 55 and are at the end of a long straight stretch so needless to say, people fly on our road. There's no way, on God's green earth, that I'm letting my kids ride their bikes here at home, people just aren't careful enough, they're too much into their own worlds, going way too fast. Everyone is always in such a hurry these days! So they learned at a much older age to ride than most kids do I guess. I don't know why it never occured to me to take them to the fairground to practice. Last week Max was determined to learn!

Like the country song, I am the queen of our double wide trailer...when we bought our land it had an old single wide on it that we made due in for 5 years. Underneath it was a concrete slab. When we got our new one, we put it the opposite way on the land and so part of the old slab juts out from the front of the house. Not necessarily the best looking thing, but it is quite convenient actually! It's where the boys use sidewalk chalk, paint and play basketball. It's where mom (me) knows she's safe from lurking snakes. It's also where the boys learned to ride, in circles.

Last week Max amazed us all when he just started riding out of nowhere! A friend suggested I load the bike into the car and take him to the local fairgrounds where they have paved roads all around with very minimal traffic. This week, we did just that! We have one car and it's little. We drive a Scion Xb. If you've ever seen the trunk of one of those, it's pretty much non-existant! We're lucky to get one bike in. Zach's bike is busted from an accident he had earlier in the summer, so he brought his Razor scooter and we left the baby home with dad. Max was crazy on his bike! He would push it to the top of a hill and glide down. If he wobbles, he recovers surprisingly fast. He's an old pro in just a short week!

It's also great to get him on his bike because he's a video game freak and active he is not! We had him play AYSO soccer last year for the first time and he sort of stood in the middle of the field laughing and cheering on his teammates. It really was comical! T-ball was a different story..he actually loved playing that. Perfect sport for him though, minimal running! So we're happy to get our chubster moving, my 74 pound, 4ft. 2in., 6 year old! So everyone is getting into this active mode, thankfully. We all could stand to lose some pounds.

I'm already anticipating Max's first question of the day..."Mom, can we go to the fairground?" and we'll go.

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  1. Go girl! Keep on with the exercise for both the body and the brain.....