Friday, April 17, 2009

U Rock!

It's a sad day when my Zach turns down a family night to go to the chiropractor with his grandparents. He's just tooo old (more like too embarrassed) to go to an Uncle Rock show with his little brother. After all, someone might see him and mistake him for a U. Rock fan.

We arrived early so we could get good seats. I was hoping to at least get in the first third of the beautiful new theater at our school. Boy were Max and I surprised when we showed up at 5:50pm for the 6:30pm show to find that we were the first people to get there. Now if you know my husband, you would know that if he were involved in any way with this family outing turned date night for Max and I, you would know that we may very well have been the last ones there. I love Cory, but man, prompt he is not.
I sat in the very front row on the end so I could make a quick get away with Luke if he decided to sing above Uncle Rock's voice, if you know what I mean. Luke enjoyed his dinner of homemade sweet potatoes and chicken. Yum. Max is definitely not one to sit still and wait so I got to watch him act like a complete spazzy McGee as we waited for more people to show up. First to arrive and fill up the front row with us was the cutest little blonde girl I used to babysit for and her family. Once upon a time Max and Jenay were gonna have a pink and purple wedding because those were her favorite colors. This was according to him. She had other plans. They didn't involve marrying my Max. LOL.
I may be exaggerating when I say there were 50 people in the 1000 person theater. I felt awful for Uncle Rock. My guess is that they didn't advertise good enough because I know families in nearby surrounding towns that would have loved a family night out for $20. If you're familiar with Uncle Rock's music, you would know he's great with the kids. We saw him the first time when Zach was little and Max was really little. The place was packed and the kids had an absolute blast.
Just as Uncle was about to start I heard a loud "Mom, Josh is here!" in my ear. Max and Josh are double trouble on crack! They feed off each other like nothing I've seen. They love being together and never stop moving. They've known each other since they were 3. They are in Kindergarten deepest sympathy for their teacher. Josh's mom and I joke about not letting them get into a car together when they're old enough to drive. A nice family. Good pick Max!
In our theater there is an orchestra pit that was turned into a mini-mosh pit for the night. Max had been in there all of 2 minutes when he collided with another boy and lay on the floor gripping his right cheek screaming in pain. Kids recover so much more quickly than us wimpy adults.
There is no better entertainment than to watch these mini-moshing kids jump around like they just got done raiding the candy store on the corner. I thoroughly enjoyed watching a little brother/sister dance team with their hilarious dance moves such as the Macarena that was danced to a song about superhero's. Foot stomping. Floor rolling. Pogo jumping. Circle spinning. Downright craziness wrapped up in such little packages with the biggest smiles ever...except for my Max.
Too embarrassed to dance in public I guess. And the fact that he was mean to his future wife Jenay and Mom was making him apologize really didn't help all too much. "Mom, I'm scared" he said to me through the tearless cries. We as parents think we can come up with things to threaten our kids with to get them to do the things we want. I should know by now that it never works with Max. So I say, "go apologize to Jenay or we're leaving" to which my son says..."ok, let's go." Uhhhhh! This child, seriously. Now I have to say we're not leaving until you Now he tries to put his buddy Josh up to coaxing Jenay over to him so he can mumble under his breath that he's sorry. It didn't work.
Now I'm getting mad. A wonderful trait I picked up from my Poppop. Short-fused. Plus the fact that my baby has been on a 6 day nursing strike that has me crazy isn't helping the mood or patients. I walk to the makeshift mosh pit and push him until Jenay's dad brings her over and I apologize for him. What a snot.
Uncle Rock gave a great concert. Unfortunate that there weren't crowds lined up at the door to see him. Hopefully he'll come back.
Our night was completed with a shirt signing, slushy drinking, cookie eating "after party" in the hallways of our school and a sleepover on the couch. Time for the sugar crash. Priceless.

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