Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No words necessary.

My self-professed atheist a short 2 years ago. He's a numbers guy. A believer in the Darwin Theory. He evolved from apes.

I know many people who had been praying for him. Praying for God to work in his life. Praying for the day that he would accept Christ. It felt like the day would never come. I had him read books about God to our kids hoping it would change his heart. I tried to show him how Jesus had changed my life.

I begged him to come to church with us. He reluctantly agreed to come once a month and I hoped he was listening. We slowly went from once a month to every week. We had conversations. Nothing in those conversations indicated he was at the place we all wished he was in. But, he was no longer an atheist. Now he's moved on to being agnostic. I knew that God was working on him. I know that everything happens in Gods perfect time, not mine. I was patient and I continued to pray.

I would jokingly, but not really, say "I love Jesus Cory, do you love Jesus?" and he wouldn't answer me. "Jesus is my Savior Cory, is He yours?". Nothing. We continued to pray. And even though he wasn't answering my questions, I knew God was working. He was now praying with the kids at their bedtimes. Going with the flow? I didn't know. God knew.

Last night Cory came home with this giant tattoo on his leg. All we could see was a bloody paper towel taped onto his leg with masking tape. He wandered around the house as if he was afraid to show us until he finally sat down on the couch and cut the towel off. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at my husband with his newest tattoo. A huge statement for all to see.

This tattoo is even more special because in the middle of it is our birthstone. Cory and I share the same birthstone. To the left is Zach's birthstone. On the bottom is Max's birthstone and to the right is Luke's birthstone. He decided to leave the top one his words "just in case". I watched Zach's face light up as he gazed upon his fathers leg. He had been praying also.

As I heard a man say Sunday night at Daytop...I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a self-professed Jesus Freak. You're truly missing out if you are not. I am not ashamed. I have faith in my God and I know that when my number is called, I am going home to be with my Savior. I now know that my husband will be joining me, no words necessary.

Praise God.

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